Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts for sale

Electric forklifts offer real and tangible benefits to the businesses which use them – no emissions, no fumes, environmentally friendly, quiet, and affordable to run.

They offer greater manoeuvrability and balance because of their smaller footprint and, for the users themselves, they’re easier to operate as there’s no inching pedal or clutch – just a brake and an accelerator. Unlike engine-powered forklifts, there’s no need to press on the accelerator to start the forklift on an incline or to achieve fast lifting.

Electric forklifts running costs are lower because the way they are constructed means that there is a lesser requirement for ongoing maintenance and repairs because of the lower number of moving parts used in operation.

Please contact the team at our London premises for more information on the electric forklifts for sale that we have and the choices available for your company to pay for the investment.

Electric forklifts for sale – selection

  • 4 Wheel Electric Forklifts
  • 3 Wheel Electric Forklifts
  • Stand-Up Electric Forklifts (Dockers)
  • Walkie Stackers/Counter-Balanced Stackers
  • Narrow-Aisle Electric Reach Trucks
  • Order Pickers (Electric)
  • Electric Scissor Lifts (Dual Fuel option also available)
  • Electric Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Electric Straight Boom Lifts

New electric forklifts for sale

For companies wanting to buy new electric forklifts from either Heli or Toyota, you can select from both manufacturers’ entire range here at our London-based headquarters.

Whatever the use you want to put your electric forklifts to, our trained and experienced team will help you make sure that your new electric forklifts perform exactly as you need them to. We’ll consider everything when putting together your quote so that your company derives every deliverable benefit in full of your new equipment.

Used electric forklifts for sale

Why should you buy a used electric truck from FT Service’s London team?

Because it’s more than just making a sale. We’re truly independent and that means that we’re only concerned with making sure that the used electric forklifts we provide and the advice we give to you is solely focused on your business and not on hitting monthly manufacturer sales targets.

After-sales care is written into our company’s DNA and you can measure how successful we are at after-sales by the very high level of repeat business we receive.

Financing your electric forklift purchase

The electric forklift or forklifts you purchase for your business will help you to continue to provide the level of service your customers expect from you. If your staff are using much older forklifts which no longer offer the ease of use they once did and which are prone to breaking down, they will appreciate the benefits of your new electric forklifts and you’ll see that appreciation reflected in increased productivity.

However, whether you’re purchasing one electric forklift or a fleet of electric forklifts, you will have to find a significant amount of cash in advance unless you speak to our London team about our financing options.

We offer two main types of financial assistance to our clients:

  • Hire purchase – pay a small deposit (which can be used to reduce corporation tax liabilities) and the VAT on the machines in advance (the VAT is fully reclaimable). Agree on a length of time you’d like to hire the electric forklifts over with the finance team and then make monthly payments on them during the term.
  • Lease – available in most cases with zero deposit and over shorter lengths of time than hire purchase agreements, using a FT Services lease means you can continually replace your forklifts with the latest models. Talk to us about including maintenance and repair costs in your monthly payment.

Please contact the London team on 020 8573 1112. about our range of electric forklifts for sale that we have available right now.