Forklift Hire & Rental

If you are looking to hire a rental forklift truck, FT Services offer a quick, professional and comprehensive solution for all your business needs.

Since 2009, we have offered high-quality forklift hire services with our best in class range of forklift trucks for our customer’s warehouse operations.

FT Services works closely with businesses in London and across the UK to provide exceptional services in forklift hire, forklift leasing, used forklift sales, forklift training, forklift repair and forklift truck maintenance.

Forklift trucks available to hire or lease:

  • High Capacity Forklift Trucks
  • Internal Combustion Trucks
  • Compact Internal Combustion Trucks
  • 3 Wheel Electric Trucks
  • 4 Wheel Electric Trucks
  • Container Handlers
  • Reach Trucks
  • Narrow Aisle Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Pallet Pickers
  • Order Picker Trucks


Benefits of forklift truck rental?

There are a number of benefits when renting forklift trucks with FT Services.

We understand that leasing or purchasing forklift trucks are often the preferred solution for some companies, not all business have the budget or need do so.

Short term forklift truck hire can often be the bridge for companies where seasonal demands can often mean long term forklift truck ownership becomes a costly consideration. Renting or leasing Forklift truck equipment when you need it most can help to balance the books more profitably during quieter periods.

At FT Services we tailor forklift solutions to your needs no matter how large or complex. Always at a competitive price.

Short term and long term forklift hire ?

At FT Services we offer a comprehensive range of forklift trucks for both short term or contract hire.

No forklift rental is too short!

We have a number of short term hire depots around the UK which can supply forklift truck equipment at a short notice.

If your equipment has broken down, have an urgent order during a seasonal boom or need to meet a critical deadline, short term rentals from FT Services is the professional solution for your business needs.

You can easily rent a forklift truck on a daily basis or, take advantage of our longer term competitive hire from as little as £45 per day – when renting for 5 years or longer.

Forklift for Hire with FT Services - Black and white photo of forklift in warehouse in front of truck

Benefits of forklift leasing

Forklift leasing gives you the benefit of using and owning the forklift asset for the duration of the lease. This option offers your business a fixed rental cost over the agreed lease term. Leasing your forklift trucks can be tailored to include routine maintenance and repair services to avoid additional or unexpected repair bills.

Forklift leasing is an alternative to ownership without the cost of a down payment. At the end of the lease term your business may choose from one of the following options:

  • Buy the forklift truck for a fraction of the original cost
  • Extend the lease at a reduced cost
  • Upgrade to a new forklift truck
  • Return the equipment and walk away


When you lease a forklift truck you will:


Whichever route you choose, with FT Services you are guaranteed high-quality products and services to achieve business objectives and better manage your productivity.

We appreciate that every business has different financial considerations. To make sure you choose the best forklift package for your business, we are here to find the right forklift finance solution for your needs.

For further information on finance for your forklift trucks call:
London 020 8573 1112 or Aylesbury 01296 633326