Forklift training

Forklift training courses and certification

Do you have members of staff that need training? FT Services offer forklift driver training and certification. Our courses are carried out by our CFTS qualified instructors at your site and using your equipment.

On completion of your forklift driver training course, you will receive a certificate and licence. We can provide one-off or regular training tailored to your company’s needs.


What is forklift driver training?

Forklift driver training courses are essential for any business wanting to keep employees operating forklift trucks up to date with best practice in the industry. Forklift trucks are literally the backbone of industrial enterprises across the UK.

There is a very high demand for professionally trained staff operating forklift trucks and companies wanting to retain the best forklift drivers should demonstrate a willingness to continually update skills and knowledge of employees. Fully trained forklift truck drivers help companies negate risks associated with health and safety. Incidents arising from negligent health and safety practices can result in costly consequences. Further to health and safety considerations, highly skilled forklift drivers will be more adept at handling forklift equipment meaning better working conditions and greater business efficiency.

Although there are no statutory requirements for forklift drivers to undertake official forklift training, Every employer has a responsibility under Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98), to ensure staff have adequate training before they use work equipment. Although there is no official ‘licence’ the 1974 Safety and Work Act states: “The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all his employees.” Which indicates that employers have a legal responsibility to ensure safety at work.

Companies dedicated to safety, efficiency, and best practice in the workplace will find the experience and expertise of FT Forklift Driver Training incredibly beneficial.


Why consider FT Services?

If you are a logistics company, a manufacturer or an industrial enterprise, your business will require the use of forklifts. Operating forklift trucks in your workplace will necessitate the need for your forklift drivers to have necessary skills and experience. They will have to undergo training whether in-house or through a company like FT Forklift Driver.

FT Services deliver top quality forklift driver training and certification. All training is provided by CFTS qualified instructors and compliant with CFTS regulations. We also offer used forklifts for sale, new forklift equipement, forklift hire, forklift servicing and repairs.


Forklift training course options

FT Services recommends that all working forklift drivers obtain a certificate proving that training has been completed. When you train with FT Forklift Driver, you will be provided with a Forklift Driver Certificate upon completion of the course.

All forklift courses are provided onsite at your location so no having to travel and waste your valuable time.

We offer 3 forklift training courses which are listed below.

Forklift driver training costs

Forklift Novice course: 1 person for 3-5 days – £750 + VAT
Forklift Refresher course: Up to 3 people for 1 day – £250 + VAT
Forklift Conversion course: Up to 3 people for 1 day – £250 + VAT


Forklift driver training recommendations

FT Services recommend that all working forklift drivers undergo a refresher course at least once a year.

All refresher training can be done in a single day to ensure minimal business disruption. All professional drivers will benefit from annual training designed to refresh their knowledge and skills to stay up-to-date with changes that have taken place since their last assessment.

There are no drawbacks to forklift refresher training. It costs less than taking the initial course and will help to continually improve the skills of your employees, particularly with regards to safety, efficiency, equipment checks, and familiarity with the latest technology and law changes.


What will my employees learn?

Your forklift drivers will be trained in the following:

Equipment Checks. All drivers will be able to inspect the forklift vehicles they operate routinely to ensure they are safe for operational use. In addition to the routine checks, they will be able to carry out formal inspections similar to the MOT required for all motor vehicles.

Forklift Driving Your forklift drivers will learn how to maneuver vehicles safely and efficiently in confined spaces. They will also learn load balancing and smooth, operational control of the forks.

Cargo Control Your forklift drivers will learn safe handling of their cargo when Loading and unloading goods from deliveries and how to store goods in difficult to reach areas of warehouses.


Do you have more than 3 people that need training?

Forklift courses can be tailored to your company needs. Simply contact us with how many operators that need training and any previous experience or certification in operating forklifts (if any).


Is there a minimum age for forklift training?

Anyone aged 17 or more can learn to operate a forklift truck (no driving licence required) If your staff are under the age of 18 and want to build a career as a professional forklift driver – FT services can help you and your staff today.


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