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New Forklifts for Sale

If your business needs new forklifts, you can choose from every Heli and Toyota forklift truck for sale in the UK that performs so that the work you need your new forklift to do is done effectively, reliably, and affordably. We also offer a service that will transport and deliver your forklift to you in the local area.

Our forklift sales department

Now in its 60th year, Heli sells over 142,000 fork lifts globally, making it the world’s seventh largest supplier. Its unique understanding of the demands of the materials handling industry means that its popularity among UK businesses continues to grow exponentially year on year.

Heli forklifts for sale - FT Services

New Heli AC15 forklift for sale from FT Services

With 15 different products and 80 models in the Heli range, all available via FT Services forklift sales team, these affordable, dependable, and quality…

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet trucks
  • Stacker trucks
  • Straddle stacker trucks
  • Pedestrian stacker trucks
  • Reach trucks


…offer varying lift capacities and a wide range of both mast sizes and types. When customers are looking for a forklift truck for sale, Heli is always a popular choice.

FT Services forklift sales team are also proud supply partners for the world-leading Toyota Materials Handling division. FT Services and Toyota provide our customers up and down the UK with specific solutions based upon sectors – manufacturing, retail, warehouse, distribution, and SMEs.

Toyota material handling logo (forklift sales)

Toyota forklift sales Toyota forklift sales London

Work with FT Services forklift sales experts to select the right equipment for your business from Toyota’s range of:

  • Powered pallet trucks
  • Powered stackers
  • Reach trucks
  • Towing tractors
  • Order pickers
  • Electric/engine-powered counterbalance trucks
  • Very narrow aisle trucks and more.


Choosing the right forklift truck for sale

FT Services forklift sales team has been established since 2009 and our forklift sales team are among the very best in the industry matching the right equipment to customers’ needs and price points.

Whether your premises has smooth or rough surfaces, is indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both, our representative will provide expert industry advice and guidance on making the right choice.

Working with you, our forklift sales team look at the stock you’ll be handling, your average load weight, the heaviest loads you need to lift, and how wide they are on the equipment. We’ll also consider typical lift heights, highest lift points, and premises height restrictions. We’ll look at every forklift truck for sale we have and make the right recommendation for you.

Let us give you the most competitive quote for your business.


Fitting your new equipment around your cash flow

Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to purchase equipment outright. Your investment in your new equipment, if paid for in full and in advance, will reduce the flexibility and the room for manoeuvre that your company has with having spare cash in the bank for leaner times.

In addition, when the costs of financing are compared against the small depreciation benefits you can claim to knock down your taxable profit, for many companies, the finance option wins out.

Heli Asset Finance and Toyota Forklift Asset Finance

Spread the cost of your new equipment over its economic life. Only pay for it when it’s useful to your business. Choose from one of the two following options –

Option 1 : Heli Hire Purchase and Toyota Forklift Hire Purchase – with this option, pay the VAT upfront with an initial deposit followed by a simple, structured, and predictable repayment profile.

Option 2 : Heli Leasing and Toyota Forklift Leasing – benefit from fixed payments over a defined period, low or no deposit, and you can build in routine maintenance and repairs to your new equipment.

Find out about how each type of forklift finance works.


Let’s work on securing the right option for your business. Please call 020 8573 1112 (or you can call our Aylesbury location on 01296 633326) to talk to our forklift sales team. Alternatively, please send an email to All of our quotes are free of charge and no-hassle.