CFTS – Loler & Puwer Certification

CFTS – Loler & Puwer Certification


Your business uses forklift trucks. By law, you need to ensure that all your forklift trucks hold a Report of Thorough Examination, regardless of whether you own, lease, or hire your forklift trucks.

Forklift Thorough Examination

Failure to carry out Forklift Thorough Examinations leaves your business liable to prosecution, insurance invalidation, or to an even worse outcome – a member of staff or the public being seriously injured due to your forklift truck being faulty.

A Forklift Thorough Examination is a legally necessity under LOLER 98, part of health and safety legislation covering lifting regulations. Forklift inspections are also carried out under PUWER 98 – this regulation is concerned with other safety-related issues, including tyres, steering, and brakes.

Please note that examinations and tests you carry out under a preventive scheme or schedule is not a Forklift Thorough Examination. Standard forklift servicing is also not the same.

CFTS Thorough Examination

To be fully legally compliant, choose FT Services for all of your Forklift Thorough Examinations.

We’re accredited by the Consolidated Fork Truck Services Ltd (CFTS). CFTS is a joint venture owned and operated by The Forklift Truck Association and the British Industrial Truck Association. Working together with the Health & Safety Executive, the CFTS Forklift Thorough Examination is now considered the quality-benchmark test for the industry.

For companies like FT Services to be able to offer tests to CFTS Thorough Examination standards, we have to undergo and pass initial and ongoing evaluations to prove our adherence to the detailed and stringent codes laid down by CFTS when inspecting forklift trucks.

CFTS Thorough Examination examiners trained to the highest standard

FT Services is CFTS Accredited. That means you can rest assured that the Forklift Thorough Examinations we carry out are to the highest standards by trained competent engineers and CFTS trained managers.

Benefits of a CFTS Thorough Examination

A CFTS Thorough Examination not only meets the legal requirements set out in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations but it exceeds them.

We recommend that CFTS Forklift Thorough Examinations be carried out every 12 months. If you use particular forklifts a lot or you regularly need to attach extensions to them, it may be worth reducing that interval – be sure to speak with the FT Services team.

CFTS Forklift Thorough Examinations can detect the early signs of defects within a forklift truck. Much of the time, we’re still able to issue a full CFTS Thorough Examination pass on a forklift in that state but you’ll be able to use that information to adjust your preventative maintenance schedule if required.

CFTS Thorough Examination and your commitment to Health and Safety

When your forklifts have received their CFTS Thorough Examination passes, staff, suppliers, and customers will appreciate that your company has been not only been endorsed but approved as part of an important, high-profile safety campaign.

CFTS Thorough Examinations are not about branding, they’re a mark of certification and quality carrying real industry authority.

When you display the CFTS Thorough Examination sticker on your forklift trucks, this represents a guarantee of excellence and confidence in your company’s procedures.

Getting CFTS Thorough Examination certified with FT Services

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