CFTS Loler Certification

CFTS – Loler & Puwer Certification

Otherwise known as a ‘Thorough Examination’ this is a legal Health & Safety requirement incorporating Loler 98 and Puwer 98 legislation.

Sometimes confused with a routine service, this is a safety examination, and can be compared with a service and MOT on a car i.e. one is good maintenance practice and the other is a legal safety requirement.

Why choose a CFTS Accredited company?

A CFTS accredited company will follow a strict procedural code and ensure your trucks are both safe and legal – not all Thorough Examinations are as thorough as a CFTS examination. CFTS was developed with the input of HSE, BITA and FLTA to introduce an industry standard for these inspections.

FT Services is CFTS Accredited, so you can rest assured that our inspections are carried out to the highest standards by trained competent engineers’ and CFTS trained managers.


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