Forklift finance

Forklifts, pallet trucks, stacker trucks, straddle stacker trucks, pedestrian stacker trucks, powered pallet trucks, powered stackers, reach trucks, towing tractors, order pickers, electric/engine-powered counterbalance trucks, and very narrow aisle trucks are all necessary pieces of operating equipment for companies in manufacturing, retail, warehouse, distribution, and more.

They’re also very cash intensive if you pay for them up front and outright. Working together with some of the UK’s leading business finance providers and the manufacturers themselves, we have a number of options available for customers ready to invest in their business with forklift finance

Heli forklift finance and Toyota forklift finance

You can secure forklift finance for your Heli or Toyota Forklift investments with FT Services.

How forklift finance works is like personal contract purchases when you buy a car. You don’t take out finance to the full value of what the car is worth new. What you do take out is for the value of the car now minus the value of the car in, say, three years’ time.

FT Services work with a broad range of lenders and we use competition between these lenders to secure customers the very best rate for their Heli or Toyota forklift equipment.

There are two main types of forklift finance we recommend.

Heli hire purchase and Toyota forklift hire purchase

You can opt for FT Service’s Heli hire purchase or Toyota forklift hire purchase scheme.

With hire purchase, you pay a deposit on your new equipment (usually around 10%) and all the VAT at once. So, if your equipment cost £20,000, you’d pay £2,000 as a deposit and £4,000 for the VAT. You can, of course, claim the VAT back in full against your next quarter’s bill and the £2,000 can be deducted from profits reducing corporation tax liability.

You can choose a fixed or variable rate of interest. The big advantage for your company is that repayments are simple, structured, and predictable. In addition, once the contract ends, you own the equipment.

Heli leasing and Toyota forklift leasing

Many customers choose FT Service’s Heli leasing or Toyota Forklift leasing service.

Unlike with a hire purchase, you don’t usually have to put down a deposit. Think of leasing like paying once a month to use your new Heli or Toyota equipment. Leases generally tend to be shorter than hire purchases.

Given the shorter time that leases are taken out over, it means that you can come back to FT Services sooner to get the very latest new equipment and hand your old equipment back. We can also structure your lease to make sure that routine maintenance and repairs are costed into your monthly payment.

Unlike with a lease, you don’t own the equipment at the end of the contract however, on occasions, you may receive an offer to purchase the equipment outright.

Other benefits

With both hire purchase and leasing on your Heli and Toyota Forklift equipment through FT Services, you don’t need to take out an overdraft or a loan from the bank. Your other finance facilities remain unaffected.

What’s right for you?

Choosing the right type of forklift finance is difficult if it’s new to you so please do get in touch with our team here at FT Services. We promise to provide you with the very best quote and, if you choose one, the correct forklift package to suit the trading and cash flow needs of your company.

Please call 020 8573 1112 (or you can call our Aylesbury location on 01296 633326). Alternatively, please send an email to the forklift finance team at All of our quotes are free of charge and no-hassle.